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1st Radiation Session

posted Dec 11, 2013, 8:36 PM by FightingFor Mya

We started our day around 7am. Got Gia up & fed, ready for Grandma. Mya had a quiet night, but was reluctant to get in the car. After a little while, we got her dressed and off we went around 8:30am.

Got to Bringham & Women's around 10:15, early for our appointment. We wanted to be early so we could figure out where to park. Once we got checked in, we went to the play area where other children were making crafts and waiting for their turns in Radiation. Mya was interested immediately, because they were using paints. She was given a wooden flower to paint and was asked which colors she wanted to use. Of course, she chose purple, blue, yellow, and orange. While we waited, she painted 3 pieces!

At 11am, it was Mya's turn. Ray & I went with Mya to the treatment room. Mya said she didn't want the mask again. I told her that there wasn't a mask this time, she was going to go to sleep on my lap. I held her while they gave her the sedative, then the staff put her on the table. Ray & I left & got something to eat, her session would be about an hour.

We got back just in time, Mya was in recovery and waking up. Dr. Marcus said the session went well. We helped Mya wake up a little bit more, then we returned home.

We had lots of mail waiting for us when we got home! Mya had so much fun opening the Christmas cards & get well cards. People sent her handmade cards & stickers too! It was wonderful to see her so excited about something.

We still haven't gotten her to walk again. We discussed this with Dr. Marcus because from what we can see there isn't a reason for her not walking. She didn't have much to say about it. ???? On the way home today, we passed Chuck E Cheese which she loves. We said that she needs to walk again so we could go back to Chuck E Cheese. She thought about that... We will see if that will be the right motivation for her.

We go back tomorrow for Session 2, 11am. Hoping it will be as smooth as today.