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4 kids & 5 little dogs!

posted Nov 30, 2013, 7:50 PM by FightingFor Mya

Today was a much better day for our family. We have continued to give Mya steroids to control the swelling in her head. She has responded quite well. Her head didn't hurt her once today, so we didn't even need the morphine that we have. We have gotten almost all the other drugs we've been waiting on, so we have started her on the ones we have.

My brother Pete & his wife Jillian with their 2 pugs stayed at our house last night. He came up for the holiday, even though we just saw them last weekend in DC. All of us went to my mom's house to visit for the holiday. My brother Alex & his family and their dog were there as well. At my mom's, we told her about the week & what was found on the MRI. We discussed our trip to Disney & how soon we are now looking to go.

We are hoping to hear from the Radiologist on Monday. Once we know when they want to start on Mya, we will book our trip to Disney. How long we stay will depend on when they want to start the treatment. We won't be bringing our youngest, Gia. We really want to be able to focus on Mya and have this trip be about her.

On Sunday, our town will have the Christmas parade. We are going to meet at a friends house, then go. It will be cold, but I'm hoping with enough layers the girls will be ok. I think Ray & I are going to be the cold ones!

Will post again soon. Stay warm out there!!