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A few more days of waiting...

posted Aug 1, 2013, 5:52 PM by FightingFor Mya

Ray and Mya went to Dana Farber this afternoon to get a weight check, dressing change on IV, and to meet with Dr. Manley to see what he thought of the latest MRI image.

He tried to get our neurosurgeon to review the image and meet with him, but was unable to do so because she is offsite. However, he was able to review the image and sees three options.

1st option: We need to know if the remaining tissue from the tumor is dead. So, he wants the neurosurgeon to go back into Mya's head and remove it. Problem: Its right next to the brain stem, which is a super sensitive area. The surgeon didn't want to do this at the end of May because of where it is located. We can't see her feeling any different this time around, but who knows?

2nd option: The neurosurgeon only does a biospy of the remaining tissue to see if its alive or dead. This is the option that we like the best because it is a smaller procedure. Problem: It's another surgery to the brain. But if it is dead, then Mya will get periodic MRI's to monitor it's status. If the surgeon does the biopsy, discovers that it is still a threat, and doesn't want to do another surgery; we are then looking at radiation to destroy the remaining tumor/cancer.

3rd option: Nothing is done. Problem: This is a gamble on whether or not the tissue is dead. If it isn't dead, the tumor could grow again OR even more frightening it could travel elsewhere in the body and cause more problems. However; if it is dead than nothing will happen and it will just be monitored.

The surgeon will be back this coming Monday and will review Mya's case. So until then, we wait. I don't know about anyone else, but the waiting seems almost as hard as anything else we've been through so far.

We will work hard to enjoy our weekend and try not to focus too much on Monday. Its really hard because we have so little contol over our own child's destiny....