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Almost rid of flu & Mya's Wish has been granted! (Dec 29)

posted Jan 1, 2014, 4:03 PM by FightingFor Mya

Well, it's Sunday morning. Yesterday, Mya spent the day with her Uncle Rusty & Gia spent the day with Grandma. Ray & I were able to go to the Celtics game together! It was a really, really fun day for both of us. We got to enjoy being together and seeing some really good friends too. We want to thank our family again for helping with the girls so Ray & I could take a much needed break.

We were told yesterday that Mya's Wish has been granted!! We are going to Disney!! I'm really looking forward to the sunshine!!! We gave them two sets of dates, so we will see which one we will end up with. It will be either Jan. 4-8th or Jan. 8-12th. I don't gave a preference, I'm just excited that we are going to be able to go!! The organizers are going to come by either tomorrow or Tuesday with a certificate & some balloons for Mya, officially granting her Wish. We will probably find out then on which set of dates we got.

Mya is almost over the stomach bug. Her system is really struggling to put this behind her. Anything she eats doesn't come out solid & her stomach is still crampy, so she isn't her usual sunshiny self! :( maybe by tonight, she will finally be over it.

Gia seems to have gotten through our tough health week unscathed, if you can believe that!! Her teething was pretty bad last week, but she seems to be over the rough patch. She is her usual smiley little self. So cute!! She is also starting to speed up in her crawling skills. She can get from the living room, to the kitchen, down the hallway to the bathroom. Another couple of weeks and I can see her getting really fast!!! :)

For tomorrow, Session 13. Three more to go!!!! We will be grateful to be done going to Boston every day. It makes each day pretty long. Hope everyone out there has a great Sunday!