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Back to Boston for Chemo

posted Mar 22, 2013, 6:12 AM by FightingFor Mya
Today, Ray and I brought Mya down to Dana Farber to prep her for her next chemo session. We arrived around 11am and got set up in one of their bays. Mya started her hydration here (need 6 hours of it before she gets the 1st chemo drug). I brought my laptop and was able to do a little work, Ray had the fun job of keeping Mya entertained.

Today was the day of course that Mya's appetite seems to have re-appeared. On the way into Boston, we stopped at Dunkin Donuts to get something to eat. Ray got a bacon, egg, and cheese crossiant. Mya wanted to try a piece. She ended up eating half of Ray's sandwich. After it was gone, she asked for more. So, faithful Daddy went back inside and got another one. This one, she only had a few bites. However, this was a win in our book! For the rest of the day, Mya ate cheerios, fruit, applesauce, and so much milk that I lost count! We had her off the formula and we could tell that she wanted to fill her belly. :)

Around 4:30pm, Dana Farber said that Boston Children's was ready for us. We took Mya up to the 9th (same as always). We got settled into Room 903. Ray went out quickly to get something to eat and I put all our stuff away. When Ray came back, I said my good-byes to Mya. Told her that I would see her on Saturday, when it would be my turn to stay with her.

She should be ready for the 1st chemo drug around 2-4am this morning. It will run for a few hours. Will post tomorrow to let everyone know how it is going.