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Bath & TV day!

posted Dec 9, 2013, 1:46 AM by FightingFor Mya

Mya woke up at 7am, wanted to come out to the couch to watch tv. We said, absolutely!!! Got her settled, medications done and she seemed a lot better. Through the morning, she was talking and even laughing a little at her baby sister.

Around 9am, we gave her a bath. She didn't want to at first. I know it was because she was afraid that she would have pain in her head. We looked to prevent that by giving her Tylenol and another drug called Adivan (helps w/ nausea). After she got in the bath, she loved it!! I went in with her & washed her hair & body. It had been a week since she had a shower, so it was definitely time! We were in the tub for about 1/2 hour, then we got out with Dad's help.

Mya got to the couch in fresh pjs. She had a couple glasses of milk over the next few hours and got to watch any show she wanted on TV. I had Mya help me put a grocery list together & off I went to the stores. When I came back, Mya was still on the couch; which surprised the heck out of me!!

Our neighbor Drew stopped by to see Mya. He asked if it was ok to read a few Christmas stories to Mya, we said sure!! So, Drew read to Mya. She was excited to see him. Drew is very genuine and sweet with Mya. He is the one who held a bake sale at his school and raised over $700 by selling brownies and the like. He didn't stay long, but the visit helped her spirits.

By 3:30, Mya was getting tired on the couch. She took a nap while Ray & I watched the Patriots game. Boy, they sure know how to have a close game!!?! Afterwards, we got Mya tucked in around 5pm. I told her I was very proud of her, she made it through the whole day. She didn't seem to have much pain at all today (very thankful for that).

Tomorrow, we should get the call from the hospital to go through the pre- op stuff for Tuesday. That is when Mya will get an IV line placed back into her arm. This will make it easier to sedate her every day for the radiation sessions.

We will let you know how she is tomorrow. Maybe she will walk from her bedroom to the couch??!? We can always hope...