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Better numbers, bigger room

posted Jan 7, 2014, 10:22 PM by FightingFor Mya

Mya's number are even better today, ANC is 490! Yes!!! Everything in her blood panel is looking good, her white count is climbing. The team said she is doing well. The one area that us still giving her trouble us her stomach. Mya still has attacks of diarrhea. They tried starting her on feeds at 10mls an hour, but she threw it up & she continues to have the runs. The team feels that it's a waiting game. Once her counts really come back, there will be enough white cells to help her gut recover. Until then, she is in the right place. The hospital can keep her hydrated & watch her recovery. As much as we want her to come home, rushing it won't help anyone. We need her body to be ready to leave.

On a brighter note, she has been moved to the new wing of the hospital. All the new rooms on the 9th floor are single rooms! Ray said that he will be the 1st person to sleep on the couch in the room. Room also has a pull out chair, so two people can sleep in the room. Ray said the view from the window is of the city and there is lots of light in the room. He said that it definitely makes it easier to be stuck in a room, with a view like that.

We both think that Mya might make it home this week, we just aren't sure of the day. It might be Thursday, but could just as well be Friday or Saturday. We are just happy that she is on the road back home. If it takes an extra day or two, that's a ok.

Going to bed early tonight, hoping to catch up on my sleep (does anyone have a few months I can have??) :))