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Big day today!

posted May 15, 2013, 2:11 PM by FightingFor Mya

So, Mya has had her second MRI done today. This was done after her 5th round of chemo. The oncology team reviewed the images and are advising us that Mya is now ready to receive her stem cell transplant. The images revealed that almost all of the tumor has been destroyed! There are only trace amounts left. The oncology team will discuss the images with the neurosurgeon to see if they agree with the findings. The lead oncologist feels that the surgeon will agree with them and that Mya will be cleared to do the transplant.

So, good news today about the MRI. Ray and I have been very focused on the results and it is clear that the chemo worked in Mya's case.

As for the stem cell transplant, we have begun reviewing the procedure and all that it entails. The procedure comes with risks, as with everything. Mya will need to receive an extremely high dose of chemo for 6 days prior to the actually transplant so the remaining bone marrow in her system is completely wiped out. We've been damaging it all along doing the chemo sessions. This will finish it off. Once the high doses are complete, Mya will receive the stem cell transplant. Then, the waiting begins. We will need to wait for her bone marrow to grow and replace what we've killed. Mya will need to receive all of her immunizations again because all of them will have been wiped out.

Mya will be in the hospital for an extended period of time. It is unknown how long it will take for her system to "reboot". It varies with every patient. Mya has been tenatively scheduled to begin the process on June 6th.

Overall, this has been a victory for us. All the chemo sessions have done what they needed to do. Almost all of the tumor has been destroyed, the transplant should take care of the trace amounts left.

Our family would like to thank everyone for all of the ongoing support and prayers that we have received during the past six months. We knew going in that the path would be long and twisted. It has been an immense comfort knowing that our family and friends have been by our side giving their support and love. The next part of the journey will be difficult, but we will stay true to the path of wellness.

I'll post again soon. We are hopeful that Mya and Ray might be home sometime this weekend.