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Big week!

posted Aug 28, 2014, 7:27 PM by FightingFor Mya

Our family reached a classic milestone in childhood. On Wednesday, our daughter Mya went to her first day of school, on the bus!! We got ready in the morning and were waiting (eagerly for me, a little fearfully for Mya) for the bus to arrive at our house. It was a little late, which I think helped to diffuse a little of her fear. Once it arrived, I walked Mya over to the bus and carried her onto the bus and placed her into a seat. I told her that I would meet her at the school and got off the bus. As I watch the bus pull away with my oldest child on it, I cried a little. It's just amazing to me that she (we) have made it to this iconic milestone in a person's life. Feelings of pride and triumph welled up inside of me. Also a fair amount of anxiety as well. Mya isn't out of our sight very much at all! :)

I went to school and met the bus. Mya needed help getting off the bus, but walked with me to her classroom. In her room, the teacher began showing the children what to do with their things when they arrive each morning. I sat with Mya for a few minutes, then gave her a big hug & kiss and told her that I would see her at home later in the day. We are having a neighbor pick her up after lunch on the days that she goes to school. So, she will do half days to start. If she continues to strengthen and improve we will go to full days. We don't want to overwhelm her, we are just thrilled that she is able to go at all.

Yesterday went very well. Mya had fun and seemed reluctant to leave after lunch(of course!). We try to take it easy on her and she wants to do more!! Mya will go back next week, the holiday kind of makes things a little off.

We have met with the Oncology team. They are talking about some new medications that may help Mya. They want us to think about them. We don't have to go back to Boston until Sept. 18. That's our next MRI appointment. This should show us if and or what the radiation sessions on her spine did. We will also see how much the tumors have progressed in her brain. So, for now; we will focus on getting stronger and enjoying Mya's time in kindergarten.

Hope everyone has a great holiday weekend. Stay safe and have fun with your families!