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Break from medicines

posted Aug 8, 2014, 6:44 PM by FightingFor Mya

We went to Dana Farber today to meet with the Oncology team, Dr. Chu & Dr. Manley. Mya had her blood panel done and the doctors were impressed with her numbers. Mya has seemed to handle the radiation quite well; however she might not be at the bottom yet. She might go a little lower by this weekend.

The doctors said they want to give Mya a break on all medicines. So, as soon as we finish weaning her off the steroids (maybe by Monday); Mya will be medicine free. The only thing she will be given is pain medication, if it's needed. The reason the doctors are doing this is because they are taking this time to research what is out there for therapies to see if there is anything else out there to help Mya.

We asked them if we could move up Mya's MRI to mid-September, but they said no. By waiting until Oct. 1st, we will give the radiation treatment time to destroy the tumors, break them down, and let the body get rid of the waste. The doctors want the images to be as clear and accurate as possible. So, we wait for October.

We will go back for Dana Farber on Aug. 21st. We will see if the team has come up with another mode of attack! In the meantime, we will be getting Mya stronger through food and rest. We will also be preparing for Mya's entry to kindergarten!

We hope everyone has a great weekend! We're hoping ours is quiet and uneventful!