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Bring on the sun!

posted Mar 25, 2014, 7:44 PM by FightingFor Mya

It's been awhile since I've made a post. We have been focused on getting Mya back up to speed. We are looking to get a port placed in Mya. It will be easier to be maintained with less chance of it becoming infected. Will have wait for her counts to come back though...

Mya recently started a round of etopiside(chemo drug), as part of her drug cocktail. She started off well with it, but we had to stop before she completed the 21 days because her blood levels dropped too low. She reached the definitive threshold of 500 ANC last Thursday. If she went below that, Mya would have to be admitted. So, we stopped the etopiside to give her system time to recover. We will revisit the port idea in a week or two.

We took it easy this past weekend, trying to give Mya a chance to build up her strength. I got Mya's summer clothes together for her week in Florida. Ray & Mya went down to visit his parents. We weren't able to see them the last time we were in Florida, Ray & I thought it was important to make another trip down to see them. They normally come up once a year in the summer for two weeks, but we wanted them to get some more time in with Mya.

They will be there until Friday. Ray said tonight that Mya is begging to go to the beach. He thinks they will go to Daytona on Wednesday. I told him to try to not let her get too sandy... Not sure if it's the best idea?? But she wants to go so badly. We will see.

So, Gia and I are flying solo this week. I'm going to be sending out her 1st birthday invitations sometime this week. Hard to believe that a whole year has almost past. Gia can pull herself up to stand, but she hasn't taken her first steps yet. Won't be long now! She commando crawls really fast though! She can go from one end of the hallway to the other in less than 7 seconds. Can't leave her unattended for too long.

I'll post again maybe in a day or so? Will have to see what adventures Ray & Mya have in Florida!