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Disappointing night

posted Jan 5, 2014, 5:18 PM by FightingFor Mya

Yesterday we had started Mya on some Pedialite in the hopes that the stomach bug had gone. Well, no such luck. We had to turn off the feed at 6:30pm because Mya was moaning & squirming on the bed holding her tummy. Then we began a VERY long night. Mya had 5 attacks of diarrhea from around late afternoon yesterday to about 6am this morning. Each time, I had to have a nurse help me with the clean-up (changing the pad underneath her, the bedding, & cleaning up Mya). Needless to say, she is back into the hospitals clothes, her's didn't make it past the 2nd attack.

We have been able to identify the bacterial bug that she has, so they have narrowed the antibiotics down to one (from three). We are still waiting on the final stool slide to come back so we will know what bug is attacking her stomach. Hoping tomorrow? I've asked the team if we can treat her diarrhea with Imodium AD. They said they don't want to "trap" the bug in her, so they want the slide identified first. Then we will go from there.

They did a full blood panel on her this morning. The great news is that her potassium & phosphorus are rising, even with her diarrhea attacks. So, no more infusions of these electrolytes. The not so great news is that her ANC is at 70. However, they believe that tomorrow it will be higher due to some of the other indicators they watch in the blood panel. I feel that she has reach the "bottom" from her radiation sessions and we are now through to the other side. We should now see her numbers start to climb back up.

She has slept quite a bit today, making up for the missed sleep of last night. I've done a little work & have read for a bit. Maybe I'll watch a movie in a bit on my iPad. Missing my husband and baby today quite a bit. It's hard being separated...
Looking forward to seeing them both tomorrow.

Have a good Sunday everyone!