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Doing well, moving forward

posted Apr 6, 2014, 5:42 PM by FightingFor Mya

Mya has been doing well. As of last Thursday, her ANC was over 1,000; her platelet count 130k. Her energy was been really good.

So, we decided to see if she could do a full day at daycare where Gia goes. Mya used to go there too before she fell ill. Last Friday, we dropped both of the girls off. Mya was pretty hesitant, it took about 20 minutes of reassurance from Ray, but she finally seemed ready to stay. All the kids in her class were absolutely wonderful & supportive. They totally ignored her bald head, but asked many questions about her left eye. Ray explained that she had a booboo. He was then flooded with responses from the children who also had booboos. They pointed to their arms, legs, wherever they had them. Ray said it was so cute & sweet!

We picked up Mya around 3pm. She was having so much fun, she didn't want to leave. We gave her a few more minutes, then we got Gia and headed home. Both the kids had a great day and were more than ready for an early bedtime.

We are going to see Gastro doctor tomorrow. They need to do a check up on Mya & her Gtube. If everything looks good, they will give the go ahead to replace her Gtube with a Mickey. At the same time, Mya will have a port placed in her upper chest to replace the picc line in her arm. I think she might even get another Botox shot for her left eye. All of this is tentatively scheduled for April 18th.

So, I will keep everyone updated on how the week goes. This coming Saturday, we are going to see the Sesame Street show, with Elmo's music. It's at the Orphium theater in Boston. We told Mya about it, she can't wait to go! I got really good tickets, so we should be really close to the stage! Hope everyone has a great week!