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Early Morning

posted Dec 9, 2013, 9:45 PM by FightingFor Mya

Everyone started the day around 5:30am. Mya wanted to go out to the couch right away. She asked for cereal & some milk to drink. Of course, we said! I got all the medications done, while Ray gave Gia her breakfast of formula. Afterwards, we watched Gia play on the floor, cooing and giggling. Mya said she was a silly girl! We agreed, she certainly is! I gave Mya a big hug & kiss, then bundled Gia up to take her to school.

During lunch, I went over to the WHEB radio station to record a Public Service Announcement(PSA). My friend Heather set it up. My other friend, Barb wrote a short blurb describing Mya, our family, and a little bit about our journey. It is a 30 second spot. They told me that it could be on the air as early as Wednesday. It will be put into rotation on all the Clear Channel stations.

The scheduling nurse called and said our procedure is slated for 8:30am. We have to be there 90 minutes before, so that puts our arrival time at 7am. And that means we have to leave the house at 5:30am. Ugh, that is early! However, this means that we should be back by 11 or 12noon. The IV placement won't take long, maybe half an hour. Our radiation appointment on Wednesday is for 11am, checking in at 10:30am. We should miss the rush hour traffic for both days, hopefully.

The Dover Fire Department contacted us. They are going to bring a fire truck to our house this coming Sunday. Santa will be on the truck and will have a present to give to Mya. The Department said we could invite other kids as well, we just need to give them a count of boys & girls, so they will have enough toys for everyone. We sent the invite out to our friends & I think most of them will be able to come. Mya will be so happy to see everyone!!!

Everyone has already gone to bed, except me. Ray looked really tired when I got home tonight. His stress level is very high, I worry about him. I hope he gets some good sleep tonight, he will need the energy for tomorrow.

I'll post again tomorrow. I hope we are home early so everyone can get some rest. Sweet dreams to all.