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Early morning departure!

posted Jun 4, 2013, 5:31 AM by FightingFor Mya

Ray and Mya have just left to go to the hospital (it's 4:27 as I type this). Mya needs to be at Children's for 6am to be prepped for a 7:30am surgery. She will have her central line replaced, get a lumbar puncture, and receive another Botox injection for her left eye. Then, she will be admitted to the hospital (hopefully on the 9th floor) for her stem cell transplant. Chemo will start on Thursday.

I'm not sure, I might go down tomorrow to see them before the chemo begins, I haven't decided. I almost went down today, but thought it might be too much. It was really hard to let Mya go this morning. She has been doing so well and has so much energy. It's been over 4 weeks since the last chemo, so she is feeling really good and has been very much an active little girl! :)

This past weekend was chocked full of fun stuff. On Saturday, we went to Dover's Main Street Children's day and spent some time at the Children's Museum. Mya got her face painted with a ladybug (so cute!), and we even made a quick stop at Harvey's bakery for some pancakes for her. On Sunday, we went to Just For Fun for Dylan's birthday party where she ran around with all the other kids and played, crawled, and jumped. She had almost an entire piece of pizza and frosting from two pieces of cake. Hers and mine (that's ok I don't need the frosting!)

Yesterday, we finally made it to Chuck E Cheese! Grammy came down and we went together. Mya was so excited to go, I think she was more excited to go there than she was to go to the birthday party. She ate all the cheese off of 4 pieces of pizza then announced it was time to go. We stayed about an hour, just enough.

I'll post again tomorrow to let everyhone know how the procedures went today. Hopefyully, this will be the last time Mya has to spent any length of time at the hospital. Here we go....