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Errands & movie

posted Feb 18, 2014, 12:45 AM by FightingFor Mya

The weekend was good for us. Mya helped me grocery shop on Saturday and on Sunday, we went to the movies. It was Mya's first time going to the theater. She wanted popcorn, so I got her the kids tray that they have there. We found the right room and picked out our seats. It was tricky getting Mya into her seat. The seats fold up; well Mya doesn't weigh that much, so the seat kept folding up with her in it!! :) I ended up putting my coat on the seat, then hers, then put Mya on top of everything! It still moved up a little bit, but at least it didn't close up on her completely. We saw the Disney movie, Frozen. It is a story about sisters. Well, I tried my best, but I was pretty emotional throughout the movie. I couldn't help but think of my two girls and how I hope that they will have time to form lasting bonds between them.

Ray and I are talking about another possible, quick trip to Florida. We didn't get the chance to see his parents, so I think this trip would focus on seeing them. After we do our Dana Farber visit next week, I think we will set the dates. It will most likely be only Ray & Mya.

I want to thank the Dover Uno's for having a Valentines Day event in Mya's honor. We weren't able to stop in, but we are so thankful for them thinking about us. We also want to thank the York school in Maine for all the Valentines. Mya is still working on opening & reading the over 600 valentines that you collected & sent to us. For everyone else who sent a card, note, etc- thank you, thank you!

I think this week will be quiet, want to continue to focus on increasing Mya's solid food intake. Believe it or not, Gia really helps with this. Mya sees her little sister trying a new food and then she wants to try it. That's ok by me, I don't care how it comes about. If the end result is her eating, I'll take it!

Have a great week everyone!