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ER visit last night, no radiation today

posted Jan 2, 2014, 12:00 PM by FightingFor Mya

Last night, Mya & I got to the hotel next to Children's around 5pm. She kept asking on when we would be there. I got her into the room, into pjs, did all her medications, and she was out for the count around 5:30pm. I gave her morphine yo sleep, hoping that the cramps from the flu & her nagging cough wouldn't keep hrs up. Well, that strategy worked, she slept right though the massive diarrhea attack that hit her around 10:30pm. I was sleeping so soundly, but I was woken up by the smell of it. I got up & cleaned everything up. In doing so however; I noticed that Mya was slow to respond to my questions, & didn't or couldn't come fully awake. After calling & talking with Ray, I called the on-call Oncology doctor. After describing the scenario, she said to bring her to the ER.

So, after being at the hotel for about 5 hours, I packed up our stuff & off we went. Got registered quickly & was ushered into a room. Everyone was told her history (brain cancer, stomach flu, nagging cough, & no sleeping), then the testing began. Vitals, blood drawn, the whole thing. We finally got a bed on the 9th floor around 3:15am, got into the room at 3.30am, then did the rundown with the staff on the floor. So, by 4am, I was able to lie down to get a few hours of sleep.

I was woken @ 8:30am by Dr. Chu. She still had her purse with her, hadn't even taken off her coat. I went over everything with her. She said Mya's ANC was at 110, even lower than Tuesday's count. She ordered hydration & wanted to monitor her heart rate & blood pressure. We got ready to go to Radiation. Once there, she was examined by the staff there. They weren't happy with her numbers. The anesthetist said that her blood pressure was too low to do the session. He didn't want it to go any lower, the sleep drug has a tendency to do that. He didn't want to have to give her drugs to boost her pressure. Best course, wait until her numbers are better.

So, back up to 9north we went. We are going to try again tomorrow to do the last session. Hope her numbers improve & this crummy stomach flu goes away!!!!! Otherwise, we could be here a few days. Disney is out for now. Mya really needs her counts to recovery. Sitting on a germ filled airplane would not be smart.

Both of us will try to get some rest. Hope tomorrow is a better day.