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Feeling better, sad morning for others

posted Jun 25, 2013, 1:20 PM by FightingFor Mya

Spoke with Ray this morning to see how the night went. Uneventful, which is good. Mya has more energy and Ray went downstairs to get a few balls to play with her. We need to help her get her strength back and they will help.

The teams met this morning and said that her ANC is now just over 1,000. :) They are trying to get her off the medication that is controlling her heart rate and blood pressure, but still haven't been able to do this. When Ray plays with her, her rates go up in a good way, which is what they should do. Everyone is hopeful that by tomorrow, Mya will be off the medication completely and be able to go back to the 6th floor. If Mya continues to improve (which she should), we could possibly be home sometime next week. We are tenatively scheduled for our follow-up MRI for July 24th @ 9:15am. This will tell us if ALL the tumor has been destroyed and to see if Mya is cancer/tumor free.

I'm going down tomorrow to relieve Ray so he can come home and do laundry and get some rest. Maybe by tomorrow we will be out of the ICU? Fingers crossed.

On a sad note, Ray witnessed a code blue this morning in the ICU. A little girl two bays down from Mya, she was on every type of machine imaginable. He heard the alarms go off around 9am and all the staff rushed in. One of the doctors came out and said that they were going to "terminate". Ray said he thought that meant that they were going to turn off the machines that were keeping all the little girl's systems going. He said that the mother was screaming and crying, absolutely hysterical. Such a horrible tragedy, your heart breaks for that family. But yet you are thankful that it isn't your child. Our hearts go out to the poor family. We wish you peace at this terrible time...