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Feeling our way...

posted Oct 1, 2014, 3:14 PM by FightingFor Mya

We met with Tasker Memorial about Mya's headstone. They will work up a design and email it to us in the next couple of days. (What did we do before the internet?!?)

We have made a decision regarding the Celebration of Life for Mya. We have decided to not have one. Originally, we were going to hold this event to give us and our families closure. However, our families were able to attend the funeral service and we were able to spend private time with Mya as well. By doing these things, we feel that we have achieved our goal of closure. So, we will continue in our efforts of finding our new family rhythm.

We will keep Mya's Facebook page and website up for people to continue to visit. Not sure yet, but might convert the Facebook page to Gia? :) we will see... :)