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Fighting infection, no release date in sight

posted Jan 4, 2014, 7:40 AM by FightingFor Mya

So, after a solid nights sleep for both of us (with a little help from my friend Mr. Morphine), Mya looks better today. The circles are gone from around her eyes and her overall demeanor is better. The Oncology team came by this morning for the consult and gave an update on Mya's status. Her blood tests show that she has a bacterial infection. They don't know where she got it, it's possible it is from the pic line in her arm, but it's difficult to tell. They put her on antibiotic to fight the infection. Her potassium is also low (due to combo of not eating & diarrhea), so they gave her some of that. Because of her continuous cough, they are going to do a chest x-Ray to ensure that she doesn't have walking pneumonia. They will bring it to the room, thankfully because that is one thing that really stresses Mya out. Her ANC is still around 110. Not awesome, but I'm grateful that it hasn't continued to drop.

We will be here in the hospital until blood testing shows that the infection is gone and her counts are rising. I suggested Monday/Tuesday, but the team was cautious & said that might be too optimistic. So, maybe middle to end of next week. :(

Ray will probably come down tomorrow with some fresh clothes for me & Mya. I also want him to bring some more of Mya's x-mas gifts. I figure while we are stationary we might as well go through some of her loot!! We are on pre-cautions, which means we can't leave the room. So, entertainment is a necessity! I will stay until maybe Sunday/Monday, then it will be Ray's turn.

If she continues to improve, they are talking about starting her on a combination of pedialite & formula. Looking to slowly re-introduce food into her gut again. We are looking to avoid another diarrhea attack. Don't want to lose the ground we've gain.

I'll post again tomorrow letting everyone how the rest of the day & night go. Hope everyone stayed save from the storm!