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Fingers crossed for no fever!

posted Jun 24, 2013, 9:29 AM by FightingFor Mya

I spoke with Ray this morning to see how things went overnight. He said that she came close to a fever, but her temp went back down. He met with the teams this morning and they like what they are seeing. If she doesn't have a fever for 24 hours and can be weaned off the medication regulating her heart rate and blood pressure, she will be moved back downstairs to the 6th floor. Yay! No more ICU!

Her blood panel results came back this morning and her ANC is at 500! :) This is because it is getting a boost from a shot called GCSF. It revs up her bone marrow and helps her system come back. She has been getting this since Day 1 of the stem cell transplant. It's taken this long for it to take hold. Her hemoglobin is at 11, which is a little better than you and I. Ray said that she has progressed well and he can tell she is feeling better. She is awake and playing with her iPad. This is great because since she went to the ICU last Thursday, she was pretty much sleeping around the clock.

So, if Ray can encourage her to rest as much as possible and she doesn't spike a fever; the doctors and Ray think she might be out of the ICU as soon as tomorrow.

It is certainly a relief to hear that she is doing better. Ray doesn't think we will ever know what was causing her fever. Personally, I think it was because so much was done to her little body and it was doing its best to keep all her systems going.

All that matters to us, is that she is doing better and might get out of the ICU tomorrow. Will keep everyone posted. Stay cool out there, it's a hot one!