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Game Plan Time!

posted Apr 29, 2013, 2:03 PM by FightingFor Mya

Today, I went to the doctors to see if I am any closer to having Gia. The doctor said that I was a "little" more dialated, but not by much. I could tell he said that to make me feel better! :) Then, he said he wanted me to come in to be induced this week and asked me which day I preferred. I told him Wednesday! He said ok, we are going to have the baby Wednesday! I am so relieved that I'm going to be able to have the baby this week. Besides being uncomfortable, I was really hoping that I could get out of the hospital close to when Mya and Ray would be coming home. And it looks like that will be the case. My mom will be able to make it and maybe even my friend Tara, so i will have plenty of support.

I spoke with Ray and he said that Mya is doing really well with the last chemo round. They have been playing musical rooms. Since yesterday, they have moved 3 times! The latest room is on the 9th floor and Ray said that they now have a window. He said that he feels good, so I'm hoping that he'll be able to make it the whole stay without needing a break. As long as Mya feels good, they are on track to be out of the hospital this Thursday.

Then, I should be out of the hospital either Friday or Saturday and then EVERYONE should be home!

Will let everyone know if we are still on track tomorrow...