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Getting there..

posted Apr 7, 2013, 12:53 PM by FightingFor Mya

So, Ray came down on Friday night and relieved me so I could come home and gets some sleep.

On Friday morning, we got Mya up and down to X-ray so we could do a dye test on her G-tube. We are still looking to determine why she is experiencing pain in her abdomain (sp?). It wasn't a great time. Because of my pregnancy, I couldn't be there to hold her hand or have her see me. She could hear my voice, but she was held down by 3 strangers, obviously not the best situation. The procedure took about 10-15 minutes, which seemed alot longer with all the screaming and crying. :(

After the test was done, the x-ray tech said that it looked good, but said we would get the official results from the GI team. We did later in the day, the tube placement looks good, they couldn't see any issues with it.

So, we have an ultrasound scheduled for this coming Monday morning. We are hoping that this might show something if there is anything there to see.

Mya's blood counts are slowly, slowly, recovering. The Oncology team says that we will probably be at the hospital until at least Monday evening. I'm thinking we might get home by this coming Wednesday or so. Because this is her 4th round of chemo, her system is taking longer and longer to recover between the cycles.

I spoke with Ray on Saturday morning and he said that Mya's demeanor is better today. She is smiling more and seems in better spirits. She is still having some pain but not nearly as much as she was. Ray said that she is drinking more water and even a little milk. That as much as anything tells me that she is feeling better.

Not sure when Ray and I will switch again. Need to see how today goes for everyone. Will post again soon!