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Gia's home, Mya's at the hospital

posted May 8, 2013, 1:50 PM by FightingFor Mya

Well, it's been a week since we've added to our little family. Gia is doing really well. She had her first doctor's appt. this past Monday. She was discharged at 7pounds, 2 ozs, but on Monday her weight was up to 7 pounds, 5 ozs. The doctor was pleased that she was gaining and said that she was right on track. I've been able to breastfeed as well as give her formula, Gia doesn't seem to care which one I give her. All of that is great news, so on that front it seems like we've been given a break! (We could use one...)

As for Mya, she was discharged last Thursday. She felt really great all through the weekend up until about Sunday afternoon. She seemed to run out of steam. Then, by Monday around noontime, she spiked a fever. I called Ray out of work so he could take her down to Dana Farber. Well, she continued to have a fever, so that earned us an admission to the hospital.

Ray feels that they are going to be there for several days. This seems to be going the same route as the last chemo session did. I'm really hoping that this time, she won't be in for 12 days, but we will have to see. I spoke to Ray this morning and he said that she is starting to feel better, so that is good. Now, we will play the waiting game for her levels to come up so we can get her home.

With a newborn, I've been able to get some good sleep (amazingly!). It is also helpful that I'm caring for only one child right now instead of two. I'm really hoping that by the time Mya comes home, I will be at 100% and little Gia will be on her way to a great sleep schedule. We shall see.

Will post again when I know more on Mya's levels.