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Good appts yesterday...

posted Feb 26, 2013, 5:06 AM by FightingFor Mya

Yesterday, Ray took Mya to Dana Farber to get the last chemo shot in her Cycle 3 of treatment. While he was there, he asked to see the Gastro team because Mya was having a hard time with the tube that was placed in her stomach. We have to turn it every day and each time it was an ordeal for Mya and for us. We didn't know if she had anxiety over us touching it or if it was hurting her. After they looked at it, they determined that there was no infection and they loosened it a bit. We are hoping that will do the trick.

At Dana Farber, they checked her blood levels and determined that she needed more platlets. That was given. All in all a pretty good day, although a long one for both Ray and Mya.

For today, Ray is at work and I'm home with Mya. I'm hoping she will have a little more energy today. A goal for today would be to have her eat something solid, but will have to see. Her weight is at 27.72, she was up over 30 when she was discharged.

Next up, on Thursday the visiting nurse will come to check her blood levels again. Here's to hoping that she is climbing!