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Good blood panel, fun at school

posted Aug 25, 2014, 2:25 AM by FightingFor Mya

(originally posted Aug 21, 7pm)

Mya was able to go to kindergarten this past Tuesday. She was really nervous at first and struggled to interact with the other kids; but she became more relaxed when the kids started doing crafts. Mrs. Gross put the music player on and the girls in the class belted out "Let it Go", from the movie Frozen. It was so cute to see that!! Mya lost her voice, so she wasn't able to sing with the others, but she was grinning from ear to ear when the song was playing.

The kids went outside for a short recess, Mya included. Mya went down the slide a couple times, but needed to rest afterwards. Her stamina just isn't there yet. Back inside, the children had a little snack, then it was time to go. I think Mya will be just fine at school, once she has had a chance to fully recover from the radiation side effects.

Mya is still taking her anti-seizure medication, Kepra. As far as we can tell, she hasn't had any more seizures. We are hoping they are behind us.

We went to Boston today to get an infusion of platelets. Mya was extremely low, at 12k. Normal people have between 150-350k. If she were to fall or get a cut, her body wouldn't be able to shop the bleeding. So, we definitely want to help her out with that. Got there early and left early. Mya started getting her voice back too. Hope it comes all the way back by Monday.

So, for the weekend we are going to focus on getting food into Mya and getting good sleep. Both are important for healing. Next week, Mya gets on the bus to school on Wednesday! Boy oh boy, not sure if I'm ready for it!!!?!

Hope everyone has a great weekend!