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Good News but frustrating too...

posted Apr 12, 2013, 7:04 PM by FightingFor Mya

I usually don't post twice in one day, but wanted to let everyone know the results of the CAT scan on Mya. We had to do alot of prep before the scan by getting some contrast dye into her system. That alone took over 2 hours, then we had to wait an hour for it all to fully get into her system. Finally, we were ready to get it done!

We went down to X-ray (Mya is NOT a big fan of this place, she has been here twice before this week and fully remembers her previous experiences). But Mommy was there to hold her hand while she fell asleep, so it did make it ALOT easier on her.

The scan itself only took about 10 minutes. We went to recovery to sleep off some of the sedative, then we made it back up to our room to sleep the rest of it off. (she is still sleeping as I type this).

The Oncology team came by to chat with me about the results. The scan showed that everything is where is should be. There isn't any inflamation or irritation. There doesn't appear to be any kind of infection whatsoever. So, you ask, why does she have so much pain if there is nothing there? (I know I asked this question). The team "believes" that alot of her pain has to do with anxiety about having her G-tube touched. I was afraid of this happening with all the tests and doctors we are subjecting her to, I guess it was just a matter of time. They also feel that she is a little constipated from some of the medications, so that also is giving her pressure in her abdomain. They also believe that the sensation of turning her G-tube is upsetting to her as well, which feeds into her anxiety about her abdominal area in general.

So, overall a few things contributing to her pain right now. The Oncology team thinks that she looks good and believe that her counts will continue to climb. Once is she over 200 for her ANC, fever free for 24 hours, and back on her liquid formula feeds; we will be able to talk about leaving. It seems like alot, but the team said that all of things will weave and hinge on each other. It could happen for us quite quickly.

I'll be here until tomorrow night, when Ray is coming to relieve me. We are really trying to do 2 days each so neither of us will get too tired. Of course, I'm on a short timetable. Baby #2 will be here in about 2 weeks or so. Will have to play it by ear, right? Will post again soon!