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Good weather for Fundraiser

posted Jul 1, 2013, 2:49 AM by FightingFor Mya

It looks like the sun will be shining today for our fundraiser. Quite a difference from the last date we chose for the fundraiser! :) I'll be there a little after 1pm with Gia. I've made a display out of all the birthday cards that Mya received. There are ones from France and Germany, if you can believe it! I'm not a crafty-type of mom, but I think it's not half bad! :)

I spoke with Ray this morning and he said that Mya is still improving. He has her feeds up to about 35 mls an hour. We have to reach 45 mls to be released. He says that he should reach that today, on the outside tomorrow. So, if nothing changes, they will be home tomorrow!

I'm so excited to be able to have our family together again. Mya's release will come with some restrictions however. We can't have people into our home for 100 days. Her system continues to strengthen, but we can't expose her to any outside germs/bacteria. Mya can play outside, but can't be around groups of people. So, no cookouts for this summer. But the 100 days will end around the middle of September. So, if things stay on track, Mya will be able to experience Halloween this year with all the kids. Great news for me, since it's my favorite holiday. And Mya just loves to trick or treat. She doesn't even like the candy, but she enjoys the event of dressing up, staying up late (for her), and seeing all the kids.

July 24th will be a big day. This is when Mya will receive her final MRI. This is when we will find out if all of her brain tumor/cancer has been destroyed. So, one more hurdle to go.