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Great mini trip & family visiting

posted Nov 26, 2013, 5:00 PM by FightingFor Mya

We had a great trip to DC and got back this past Sunday. We did make it to the zoo on Friday and the weather was ok, not too much sun though. Mya was excited to see the pandas, so they were our first stop. We got some pretty good shots of the red panda. Then, Mya wanted to see the lions. Well, they are my favorite, so of course we went! We got to the enclosure and waited a few minutes to see what the lion would do. Only had to wait a few minutes too! As we watched, the lion walked to the edge of the ledge and started chuffing, then before you knew it, out came the loudest ROOOAAARRR!!! He roared again, and again, and again. It seemed like it went on for almost 20 seconds or more. The best part... Mya roared back! ROOAARRR she said! It was absolutely priceless! Mya even got the kids around us to start roaring back to him. :) We hung out a little bit longer and the lion did his show for us again!

Mya wanted to go back to Uncle Pete's house afterwards. I think she got frustrated by not being able to find the animals in the enclosures. I think she struggled to see them. No big deal, the lion's show totally made the whole zoo trip worthwhile for me!

Mya had so much fun playing with Pete & Jill's two pugs. Manny and Kitten played and played with Mya. She actually tired them out, which Pete said is VERY hard to do. :)

Our trip home was uneventful. Mya did so well on the plane ride. We were met at the airport by my old neighbor, Eric Roy, his wife and daughter. They were so sweet to met us at baggage claim! They had 2 baskets FULL of books for Mya, gift cards for us, hand-made cards for Mya, stuffed animals for Mya,stickers for her, so many wonderful things. We helped us out to the waiting limo (that Eric got for us) and gave us big hugs to welcome us home. :)

Ray & Gia had an ok weekend without us. Gia struggled with a cold. I kept her home from schoool yesterday in the hopes that she would kick it, but to no avail. I brought her to school today, but she spiked a fever, so we picked her up and brought her home. We are trying to get her in to see the doctor for tomorrow.

Mya had a really rough day today. She is having pain in her head. We think its where the new tumors have appeared. After calling the doctor, they have told us to give her Tylneol and also some Oxycodone. We have to watch how much we give her and how close the doses are. The doctor says that if we see anymore symptoms, we are coming in for an emergency MRI. This will be to see what is causing the pain. Once they can see that, they will come up with a plan to address it. So, for now, we are waiting to see how she feels in the morning... and over the next couple of days.

We would like to finalize our plans for Disney, but with this new issue, I'm not sure what we are going to do. I want to wait and see what the next couple of days are like for Mya.

Thank you to everyone who have continued to reach out to us and show their support for our family.