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Great trip for all!

posted Feb 6, 2014, 9:40 AM by FightingFor Mya

Sorry it's been awhile since I've made a post. It has been a very full week. We went to Orlando on Thursday. The travel went pretty well, had a short delay leaving Manchester. Got the rental car and arrived at the hotel without any problems. Mya was exhausted from the busy day. Didn't get her tucked into bed until after 8pm, which is really late for her. The weather was pretty cold when we arrived, 50 degrees on Thursday; 55 degrees and raining off and on for Friday.

Woke up on Friday and went to Give Kids The World (GKTW). This is a resort/village that has been created for all the kids & families who have had wishes granted from all the numerous wish-granting organizations around the country. Here, we were given our park passes for the Magic Kingdom, Seaworld, and Universal. At GKTW, we had breakfast then decided to try Universal. We got there and tried to do the park, but the weather really wasn't cooperating. It was drizzling and cool. Mya was pretty grumpy and still tired from the previous day, so we decided to go back to the hotel. There, Mya was able to rest for the rest of the day getting a full nights sleep.

She woke up on Saturday, full of energy & excitement to meet Rapunzel! She was talking more too! It was quite a change from the day before. We got to the park, rode the ferry boat over (Mya's first), and got inside. Rapunzel lives in Fantasyland, so we made our way there. GKTW had set up a meet & greet for Mya. We gave the attendant our pass and we were led inside. When it was our turn, we stepped forward. Mya couldn't stop smiling! She acted a little shy at first, but after a few minutes, she started talking with her. It was so sweet to see!! We got about 5-7 minutes with her, then it was the next family's turn. Right next to Rapunzel was Snow White. Mya doesn't really know who she is, but she talked with her too! Snow White even gave her a kiss on the check! I tried really hard, but by the time we left the princesses, I was crying. It couldn't have gone any better. It was just what I had pictured. Success at last!!!! We stayed at the park until about 3:30 or so. We even got Mya to do a couple of the rides (under the sea-Ariel, Its A Small World). Then, it was time to go back, Mya was tired.

On Sunday, the weather was the best. We decided to try SeaWorld to see if Mya would like it. Had breakfast at GKTW, then went to the park. We were able to catch the dolphin show, which Mya seemed to really like, then the Pets Ahoy show, which has dogs, cats, birds, and even a pig! Mya really liked that one, but I could tell she was done after the show was over. Which was ok by us, SeaWorld was a bonus. I didn't expect it, but it was great to do with her.

Each day, after we got Mya back to the room; Ray & I would each take a few hours to go to a park or restaurant to do our own exploring. So we each had a mini vacation as well.

Mya was ready to come home on Monday, so the 5 days was the perfect amount of time. We got to the airport, but our plane had a mechanical problem. We ended up leaving about 2 hours late, but got home safe & sound. My mon brought Gia back to the house and we were united as a family again!

Ray & I would like to thank Make A Wish and everyone else who donated (time, effort, and dollars), in helping us complete our trip to Disney. It was a wonderful trip and we created lasting memories with our daughter Mya. I know that she had a wonderful time and enjoyed the adventure of traveling (she truly is my daughter). What now you ask? Not sure, but it feels like we need a new goal to work towards. Ray is thinking of taking a quick weekend trip with her to see his parents. They weren't able to see us, Ray's dad struggles when the weather is really cold (bad heart). Or maybe we work towards Mya's birthday this coming June. She will be turning 5.

What we try to focus on is each day, knowing that every one of them is a gift. We have another MRI coming up, sometime next week. More than a little scared & nervous to see that image. Will post again in a day or so, not sure what we are up to this weekend. Stay safe out there, lots of snow!