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Halloween & Beyond?

posted Nov 12, 2013, 7:29 AM by FightingFor Mya

We have been enjoying our time at home being a family with the girls. Mya has been doing physical, occupational, & speech therapy from our home. Each therapist comes 2 times a week, so it's busy at the house. Because of the mild fall weather, Mya has been going outside with her therapists and has been working on strength exercises as well as coordination.

We have also been more aggressive with her eye patch therapy. We have Mya wear it as long as we can (2-5 hours a day). Because of this, we have seen a significant improvement with her eye. This makes us feel excited that her eye is responding so well.

Trick or treating in our town was this past Wednesday. Mya wanted to be Rapunzel, from the Disney movie Tangled. She wanted to start @ 7am, but I told her that all the kids go when it is dark out. So, with some of our friends over, off we went. Mya RAN to each & every house we went to. Did the whole neighborhood, 1 & 1/2 hours. By then it was getting pretty cold. Overall, everyone gad a blast!!

Now, on to Nov. 6th, this coming Wednesday. Mya is scheduled for a MRI. This is to see if anything has changed with her tumor. Hopefully, it will look the same. If it does, then we keep doing what we are doing. If it looks like it has grown, we will discuss with Oncology on what to do.

So, please join us in wishing & hoping that no news is good news!

Hope everyone had a great Halloween!