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Home again

posted Mar 29, 2013, 2:03 PM by FightingFor Mya

So, we got released from Boston Children's late on Wednesday night around 9pm. Got back to the house around 10:15pm. It was late but totally worth it to sleep in our own beds!

I went to work on Thursday and Ray stayed home to oversee the visit from the visiting nurse. We had to give Mya two shots and the final dose in one of her drug series. Mya should now be home until her blood panel states that she is ready for the last and final round of chemo. The visiting nurse will come next Monday, then on Thursday to check her levels.

This weekend is Easter. One of our friends is having an Easter egg hunt and invited Mya to go, but it isn't a good idea. She is at her lowest right now, so she is wide open to every creepy crawlie out there. Maybe by next Thursday, her levels will be climbing and it will be safer to take her for a short trip somewhere.

With both Ray and I home this weekend, we are hoping that we can continue to work on the re-arranging of our house in preparation for baby #2. I went for my now weekly appointments on Friday. The doctor said everything is on track and looking good. Four short weeks to go!

Here's to hoping that we have a great (& quiet) weekend! Happy Easter to everyone!