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Home At Last!

posted Apr 16, 2013, 2:19 AM by FightingFor Mya

Late on Sunday, Ray got the green light for everyone to come home! So, around 10:30pm or so, Ray and Mya made it home. Got everyone settled and tried to get some much needed sleep.

During the day today, Ray said that Mya was definitely more like herself. He had her on the liquid formula all day and she didn't get sick once! Ray was busy getting the house back in order after being gone for almost 2 weeks.

Yesterday, I was able to get some new furniture for with my mom for Mya's room. They had it in stock (which is extremely rare!) and they were able to deliver it to our house today. Ray said that Mya was so excited to see all the pieces being brought into the house. The room and furniture are absolutely perfect! Can't wait to get all her stuff into the dresser, her toys in the room, and have her sleep in her new big girl room!

For tomorrow, Mya will get her blood tested by the visiting nurse. Hopefully, she won't need anything (red blood cells, platelets, etc).

We want to thank the people who have reached out to us concerned that we might still be in Boston and to see if we were affected by the Boston bombings. Thankfully, we were out of there last night, so we missed the incident. We are really hoping that Mya will be stable enough so that we won't have to go back down any time this week. The whole area will be in a uproar while they continue to investigate and try to figure out what happened.

God bless to the family, friends, neighbors, and visitors that have been affected by this senseless and tragic event.