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ICU for Mya

posted Jun 21, 2013, 1:49 PM by FightingFor Mya

Yesterday, Ray came back down and I went home. During my turn at the hospital, Mya struggled with mouth sores and exhaustion.

After I left last night, the transplant team decided to consult with the doctors in the ICU about Mya's elevated heart rate and low blood pressure which she had been experiencing all day on Thurday. The ICU doc wanted Mya moved to the ICU for monitoring. So, Ray and Mya were moved up to the 7th floor. It isn't really parent friendly. The entire focus of the space is on the patient and all the equipment needed. There isn't a bathroom (no shower! :() or refrigerator for our use. It is a precautionary measure to have Mya in the ICU. This way, if something does "happen", the personnel is in place to address it immediately and Mya wouldn't have to be rushed up to the ICU. Mya has her own nurse, that is stationed directly outside her suite, looking in at her constantly. All the doctors, transplant & ICU feel that Mya looks good and is stable. Our being in the ICU isn't uncommon for a transplant patient (we asked). A lot of transplant patients do a few days in the ICU.

Mya is on a number of antibiotics and got platelets yesterday. She may need to get some red blood today, they said. They might have to do a hand IV to administer this because they have maxed out all her other lines with the medications she is receiving.

It is nerve-racking to me because I can't be with her during this time. Ray and I both feel that the ICU isn't the place to bring Gia. Mya needs to focus on getting some rest and a newborn isn't really helpful to do that.

Ray is hoping that Mya might be out of the ICU by Sunday, but none of the doctors wanted to put a timeframe on her stay there. We will just have to wait and see how she does.

I told Ray to send me text throughout the day today so I'll know how she is doing. I will try to post again tomorrow morning to give everyone an update on her status. Praying that her stay in the ICU is a short one.