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Little errand girl...

posted May 11, 2013, 4:31 PM by FightingFor Mya

It's been really low key for Gia and I this week. I've finally taken the time to slow down and get the much needed rest I've needed since having her. I definitely feel better than what I did at the beginning of the week!

I've done a few short trips out of the house with Gia, just to get used to traveling with a newborn again. It has come back quite quickly! :) So far, she has been very flexible. Let's see if that continues!

As for Mya, she is still at Boston Childrens, on the 9th floor. They have a roommate, Ray said that they are ok. It's tough sharing a room with anyone though. Ray told me that Mya's ANC count yesterday was 40. When I called this morning, he hadn't gotten the results of the blood drawn early this morning. I'm anticipating that there should be a jump in the number. I'll post again once I know the number.

If her numbers come up quickly (which is always possible), Ray said that they may schedule the MRI this coming week. That is considerably quicker than we had anticipated. Although it makes sense, since she is already at the hospital and they know that her numbers will be good. It will save us a trip down and back. As we get closer to the begining of week, we should know whether or not that is going to happen. This MRI is critical on deciding the next course of action. We are hoping & praying that it won't show any of the tumor. If so, we are going to move on to the stell cell transplant. If it does show some tumor left, regardless of how small; we will be able to do an abreviated session of chemo or a short 6th round. If that is necessary, Mya will get the treatment but STAY in the hospital during the recovery period. The reason being is that it is so intensive, it is safer for her in the hospital than out.

So, in the next few days we should know when the MRI will be done. I will post again to let everyone know where we are.

Happy Mother's Day to all the moms out there! And an especially Happy Mother's Day to the two new moms out there - Heather and Kelley! Love to all.