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Little false alarms?

posted Apr 22, 2013, 12:29 PM by FightingFor Mya

This past weekend was a good one. Ray and I were able to complete separate Mya & Gia's rooms. Rusty came over and put the crib back together for when Gia needs it. He also put together the changing table. As an added bonus, he also vacuumed out my car! Yay!

Mya's weekend was good. We are really focusing on her calorie intake so we can pump her up as much as possible before this coming Thursday. I also made it a point for her to go outside for a few minutes each day. She spends SO MUCH time inside, that I feel its really important for her frame of mind to GET OUT when the weather is agreeable. She wore her winter coat and hat, but she walked around, went to the slide in the park out back and played with bubbles with me. It gave her a much needed break from the couch!

My weekend had a little excitement too! On Friday night & Saturday night, I started having minor contractions. I monitored it all night, but by the morning, they had gone away. So, would that be false labor or early labor? :) I have a follow up appointment this coming Wednesday. We will see what the doctor thinks. Maybe the baby will be here by then? All I know, is that we are ready at the house, and I am MORE THAN ready! :)

If it's nice today, Mya and I will take a little stroll. That should help baby #2 along, right? Will post again soon.