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Little sad today, not sure why? (Dec 30)

posted Jan 1, 2014, 4:05 PM by FightingFor Mya

We went to our session early this morning. The benefit of this is that we get home quicker & probably won't get stuck in traffic leaving. Mya was very quiet today and barely spoke to anyone. She did do some crafts before her session, which has seemed to be what she clings to to get through what is coming next. But, even Courtney, the Child Life Specialist who does the crafts with the kids, struggled to get any response from her.

The session went well, with no problems. Mya took a little bit longer to wake from sedation. She was really tired. Unfortunately, the radiation sessions are causing her to lose some of her hair again. We were told that she would lose it at the area being targeted with radiation. I'm bummed because she just got her hair back!!! She might be upset that she is losing it again, it's hard to tell...

A bright spot today.. Make A Wish came to the house today to congratulate Mya on her Wish being granted! She was given a plaque & some balloons (2 Rapunzel balloons, no less!). We are leaving on January 7th and will return on January 11th. We are going to be staying at Disney's Wilderness Lodge. It has a couple of pools & we can take a water taxi over to the Magic Kingdom. We will be going there to meet our favorite princess, Rapunzel! Make A Wish is taking care of all our transportation (air/ground/to & from airport). We don't have to worry about anything. Ray & I are hoping the weather is going to be hot!! We shall see.

We got Mya to eat some pancake & a few strawberries before we tucked her into bed. We've told her that she is almost done her sessions. Only 2 more to go!!!! Looking forward to being done. We don't go down on Wednesday, will finish on Thursday. Hope Mya has a quiet night tonight & we all get good sleep...