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Love & Support

posted Sep 28, 2014, 12:04 PM by FightingFor Mya

On Wednesday, Sept. 24th; we laid our oldest daughter Mya to rest. We brought some of her favorite things to take with her on her journey. Her dress was royal purple with sparkles on it, like the stars in heaven. Our families gathered around her, talking and whispering to her that we loved her and missed her.

So many people came to say goodbye. From her teachers at her old daycare, to her new teacher at Garrison Elementary. My co-workers from my new job and many from my previous job. Ray had several people from his job attend, we even saw Mya's Oncology doctor, Dr. Julia Chu. There were policemen and firemen; it was overwhelming to see so many wanting to come and say goodbye to Mya.

One of my closest and oldest friends, Heather gave a heartfelt and touching eulogy. By sharing stories about Mya's adventures, she helped everyone smile with joy and gladness. It eased the pain a little bit, giving us a small respite.

At the cemetary, the sun shown brightly on Mya's grave. Her flowers were so fragrant, they were beautiful. We bowed our heads and sent her on to her final destination.

What now, you may ask? Well, we are taking it slow; one day at a time. For almost two years, our every waking moment was centered on Mya. Now that she is gone, we need to find a new rhythm. We will, but it will take some time. As always, we send out our thanks to all that have sent cards, notes, gifts, and love showing their support to us.

The sun is shining brightly today, maybe I'll take a walk over to see Mya with Gia. Water her flowers, tell her we miss her.