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Merry Christmas to all

posted Dec 27, 2013, 8:10 AM by FightingFor Mya

Well, it's been a few days since I've been able to do a post; it has been so busy! This past weekend went well. At the spaghetti lunch, Mya had a few meatballs & some spaghetti. We had to go without Ray, he got the stomach flu on Saturday morning. But, all the girls went and it was wonderful to see all the support. Stayed until 1:45pm, Mya was getting tired so we went home.

Sunday, the Fire Department & Santa came to our house. They arrived with lights blazing & sirens blasting! Santa came in with a big sack of toys for all the children. We tried to get Mya to go to Santa, but she was too shy. After all the children had received their gifts & got their picture with Santa; they had to leave. Everyone else stayed & visited with us, it was a great day.

Monday, we continued with the radiation sessions. Mya is doing ok with them, but she gets tired really easy now. That night, we met with Make A Wish. They talked with Mya about her favorite things, what she likes to do. We spoke with them as well and said that we would like the trip to Disney to happen as soon as radiation is over, which is Jan. 2. They said they should be able to put a rush on the request. We hope to hear from them in the next couple of days.

Tuesday, I took Mya to her session. I struggled to make it through the trip because I got the stomach flu from Ray!! As soon as I got home, I crawled into bed and pretty much stayed there. I struggled through last night, trying to get some sleep.

This morning, I felt a little better and came out to the couch to watch Mya attempt to open her mountain of presents! She did pretty good, taking a break when she got tired. For lunch, Ray & I had some of the turkey dinner that was given to us, it was good! Rusty, Ray's brother was going to come over, but we thought he might get sick, so Ray & Mya went to his house. I stayed home with Gia & we both got some rest. Gia has been struggling with feeling good too. Not sure if she is sick or just teething. Either way, we both got some much needed rest.

Ray & Mya came back around 3:30. Mya opened a few more presents & wanted some meatballs & spaghetti. Sure, sounds good to us! Afterwards, it was time for medications, then off to bed.

Tomorrow - Session 11. Getting there. Got to do 15. Can't wait to be done. Hope everyone had a merry Christmas. Mine sucked again this year with being really sick, but at least we didn't end up in the hospital like last year! Small victories...