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MRI today, results....?

posted Jul 25, 2013, 6:08 AM by FightingFor Mya

Mya is at Boston Children's today to receive yet another MRI. We are hoping that this one will show that ALL of her cancer/tumor has been destroyed and that there is nothing left. The picture will be sent to our Oncology Fellow doctor, Dr. Chu. She will call us and tell us what the picture shows. However, a game plan won't be decided upon until NEXT week because Mya's lead Oncology doctor, Dr. Peter Manley is on vacation. The MRI also has to be sent to our neurosurgeon, Dr. Lillian Goumnerova as well as the stem cell treatment team.

Once everyone has had a chance to review the images, THEN we will know what our next steps will be. At the earliest, this will be mid-week to end of next week. (Aug. 1st or so...) We are hoping that Dr. Chu will tell us that she can't see any of the cancer/tumor. If that is the case, then waiting until next week will be a breeze. If she tells us that she can still see SOMETHING there, then waiting for next week won't be as easy...

Our family would once again like to thank everyone who have taken the time to send us their well wishes, or a little gift for Mya, and all the donations, or some of their own personal time to help our family. We have been able to get through this most trying ordeal with everyone's help and support. It has truly touched us and humbled us to know that so many of you care.

I'll post again once we hear from Dr. Chu! :)