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MRI tomorrow

posted Feb 11, 2014, 11:54 PM by FightingFor Mya

Mya will get a MRI tomorrow. We are hoping to see the benefits of her radiation sessions. We definitely want to see that the sessions were worth it. We might see that the tumors have shrunk or disappeared. We might see that there are new ones in different places (which will help explain her isolated manic episode she experienced just before our Disney trip). There are a lot of possibilities. We will go to Dana Farber on Thursday for the results and a quick treatment of Avastin (low dose chemo drug).

Mya has been getting stronger and stronger every day. She is walking again, going to the bathroom by herself. Today, she stayed at a neighbor's house for the day, while Ray and I both went to work. It feels like we are going back to how things were in August/September. We revel in her accomplishments, and try not to dwell on the unknown future. Her appetite is really increasing, she had steak tonight for dinner! That is definitely a first for her. But with the real food intake, we can see her energy increasing dramatically. She is becoming a gregarious child once again!

We were watching tv this morning, getting ready to start our day. A commercial came on for the New England Aquarium. Mya loved seeing all the fish & creatures. I asked her if she wanted to go to the Aquarium & she said yes. Think I'll start looking into getting us tickets. Maybe we will go in another week or so. If she continues to improve, we might be able to do it without her stroller.

I will post again once we know the results of the MRI. Hope we get the best surprise ever, shrunken tumors. Even better, no tumors.