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Mya's doing better

posted Jan 4, 2014, 9:33 PM by FightingFor Mya

We had a good night last night, although a little disjointed. The nurse kept coming in to do vital signs & administer antibiotics and other medications. It's funny, the medical staff wants you to get rest so you will get well, but they really don't do much to help you do that.

In the morning, Mya was given more potassium & phosphorus. All to help her electrolytes. Unfortunately, due to the steroids she had been given to help fight her infection, the side effect she experienced was a decrease in her heart rate. So the steroid was stopped by 1pm and the staff have closely monitored her heart rate. (I have too!). Her potassium & phosphorus have come up nicely, so those two items have been corrected. Everyone is hoping that by tomorrow the steroids will be out of her system and her rhythms will go back to her usual pattern. We've been here a lot, so they have a lot of historical data to compare it to!

Mya's ANC wasn't even measured today, so I can't give you a number. Until her potassium and other stuff were corrected, there was no point. Now that they are, we should have a number tomorrow.

We introduced Pedialite around 1pm, in the hopes of starting up her stomach again. Fingers crossed that the diarrhea was gone for good. No such luck. After the intake was bumped to 25mls an hour at 3pm, she had an episode. :( we had just put her into her own pjs too! So, we got her cleaned up & backed down on the feeds to 15ml. Here's hoping that she won't have another attack!

Ray came down around 1:30pm, with fresh clothes for me and pjs for Mya (only one set left now!). He stayed to visit, cuddling with her while I took a much needed walk outside the room. I was able to find a book to read, so after I'm done posting, I'll get back to that.

Ray didn't stay long, the trip was really just to change out my clothes. Mya cried, she didn't want him to go. It was sweet to see how much she misses her daddy. Ray is normally the one who spends the bulk of the hospital stay with her, this time it's mommy.

A big thank you to Eric & Tara for watching Gia for us today. We really appreciate the help. Hopefully everyone had fun!
I'll post again tomorrow after the rounds are done. Looking forward to getting some sleep. Stay warm out there!!