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Not Ready Yet...

posted Mar 7, 2013, 5:17 PM by FightingFor Mya

The visiting nurse came to the house today to take Mya's blood levels. We found out that she is again neutropenic (thank you to my brother who discovered the spelling to this). Her platlets are at 79K, her white blood cell count is at 800, her hemoglobin is at 10.4.

What all this means is that Mya is still very vulnerable to infections & fever, so we have to continue to watch who comes over, wash our hands alot, and need to stay at the house to avoid public places. The last part is becoming the hardest because WE are getting claustrophobic never mind Mya!

On Monday, the visiting nurse is scheduled to come again to test her blood levels. We are hoping that she will have taken an upswing so we can at least attempt to determine a start date for her Round 4 of chemo.

Will probably post at some point this weekend to let everyone know how the weekend warrior battle is waging at the house. Ray says he might be ready to paint Mya's room at some point this weekend! Yahoo, progress!