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Photos for Mya

posted Mar 1, 2013, 6:36 AM by FightingFor Mya

Today, we are having some pictures taken of Mya. Eye Sugar Photography has graciously donated their services to take some pictures of Mya. These photos will be used for the fundraiser and for other purposes. We told Mya about it and she is all excited, she loves to have her picture taken!

Yesterday, the visiting nurse came and took some of Mya blood so we could see where she is in her levels. The results came back good. Mya's counts are climbing! She is no longer nutripinic (I have to look up how to spell that). Her energy is returning as well as her wicked sense of humor. (wonder where she gets that??!)

For Monday, we have appointments at Boston Children's Hospital to get her kidney test done and her hearing test. These are both checked before each and every chemo session.

If all goes well and Mya is looking good, we are still on track to begin Chemo round 4 on this coming Thursday, March 7th.

As for the weekend warrior stuff that's been happening at our house, Ray and Rusty are on track to remove the window in the spare room, sheetrock it, and get it ready for mudding this weekend. Need to keep moving on this project because baby #2 is coming fast! I'll be at 8 weeks this coming Monday. The countdown is on!

Have a great weekend everyone!