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Preliminary results?

posted Jul 26, 2013, 4:06 PM by FightingFor Mya

So, I got a message from Dr. Chu yesterday about Mya's latest MRI. She said that the MRI tech could still see a shadow in the image taken. She said that there appeared to be no change from the MRI taken at the end of May to the one taken earlier this week. What this seems to mean is that the tumor/cancer still seems to be in her head.

This image is being sent to Mya's neurosurgeon, her lead Oncology doctor, and the stem cell transplant team (just so they are up-to-date with Mya's care).

We've been told that there are several things that now need to be discussed within the teams. They need to determine if the mass is inert (dead), is it still a threat, should another operation happen to have it removed, or should targeted radiation be used to shrink/kill the remaining tumor/cancer (if it is a threat).

Mya's lead Oncology doctor will return from vacation next week, around Aug. 1st. At that time, the big pow-wow meeting should happen and we should have a course of action recommended to us for the next step in Mya's treatment.

So, until then, we are waiting. The call yesterday wasn't really what we wanted to hear, but we need to stay positive until we have all the doctors weigh in with their thoughts about the image and what it means.

Mya continues to improve. Her appetite is really starting to come back. She isn't on the liquid formula during the day, only at night. We try to give her whatever she asks for to eat and her taste buds are slowly coming back. It is so wonderful to see her eating actual food again! She still doesn't have any hair, but we hope to see some fuzz in the next couple of weeks! :)