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Quick Trip to Dana Farber..

posted Mar 15, 2013, 7:50 AM by FightingFor Mya

Yesterday, Ray took Mya to Dana Farber for a check up. They changed her dressings, her caps on her IV lines. They didn't take her blood because they had the results from Wednesday. They told Ray that Mya's blood will be checked this coming Monday to see where she is at. Ray spoke with them and expressed our frustration on the length of time it is taking for her to come back to normal levels. They stated that this isn't uncommon due to the amount of chemo she gets. They said we just have to wait. There isn't anything we can give her to boost her back up.

So after Dana Farber, Ray was able to get squeezed in early for Mya's eye appt. follow up. The doctor told Ray that we are doing an excellent job in keeping the eye moistened. He said that we are playing the waiting game, to see if the nerve behind her left eye will come back. So, a quick visit there too. Everyone was home by noontime.

I went to work yesterday and was pretty productive. I'm hoping to get back this afternoon.

For this weekend, the work continues at the house. We've gotten the paint for Mya's room and Ray has primed it all (ceiling included). Maybe by the end of the day Sunday, it will be done? :)