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Quiet week so far...

posted Jun 20, 2013, 12:15 PM by FightingFor Mya

Today, Gia and I are going back down to Boston, to give Ray another break and get some rest and hopefully to work again on Thursday.

Mya has been very quiet since Sunday. The chemo treatment is done, but the effects are delayed. Her nausea is pretty bad and her energy has gone. She spends most of the day (& night) sleeping. It makes our visits pretty uneventful, but I think the most important thing is that she is getting rest, so her body and focus on building her system back up.

Mya has become quite the little nail technician! She has been given some nail polish and she gives little manicures to whomever will let her! It's the cutest thing to see her painting one of the nurse's nails. Ray said that she did 3 nurses yesterday! The last one, she was so tired, she could barely keep her eyes open, but was adament that she was going to finish! :) Such determination and stubbornness! Wonder where she gets that??! :) :)

Mya has developed a low grade fever, but has been given another antibotic (as a precaution) and Childrens Tylenol to help combat it. All the nurses and doctors are saying that she is right on track with the transplant. What we see with her is completely in keeping with what a patient goes through for transplant. Good to know that what we are seeing, they see normally.

The doctors are telling us that they expect Mya to sleep most of this week and that maybe by the beginning of next week her energy might start to return. They don't expect her levels to rise at all this week.

I want to send out a thank you to everyone who sent a birthday card for Mya's birthday. Her card shower was wonderful! We have all of them hanging up at the house and Mya will enjoy all of them when she gets to come home.

I will be back Thursday night and should be going back down again Sunday night. Have a great weekend everyone, maybe we will see the sun shine?