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posted Jan 19, 2014, 12:58 PM by FightingFor Mya

Mya came home on Thursday night. She was exhausted, but so happy to be home! We got her tucked in to bed and didn't bother her all night. It was her first night of uninterrupted sleep in two weeks. Needless to say, she slept great! On Friday morning, we carried her out to the couch. Her legs are very weak from being off of them for two weeks. (They weren't awesome to begin with...). We brought all the cards and packages that had been sent to her. Her big smile was so great to see! She started in on the cards, a lot of them from the Magical Fairies. She got about a third of them open, but tired quickly. We told her to take a break, she could open more later. The rest of the day was quiet, she didn't have a lot of energy. Got her tucked into bed early(around 5pm), we weren't too far behind ourselves.

On Saturday morning, Mya walked from her bed to the couch. It took a few minutes and it was a struggle, but we were happy to see her do it. Throughout the day, she walked from the couch to the kitchen, she also played on the floor with Gia. Mya still isn't eating anything, so we are trying to keep her weight steady with her formula. We gave her a much needed bath yesterday as well. She hadn't had one of those for almost three weeks. Tried to make it as warm & soothing as I could, I know it made her feel better. At the end, we got Mya out and dipped Gia in for a few minutes while Ray got Mya in her pjs. Gia LOVED it!!! I had her lying on my chest and she gently kicked her feet, opened & closed her little hands; all the while making soft cooing sounds. Ray came in to get her, she didn't fuss, just let herself be plucked out and dried off. We are so lucky to have this sweet little creature in our lives. Another early bedtime for the kids, we actually stayed up and had some great quality time with each other. Felt awesome!!!

Today, Mya got out of bed on her own and was headed to our room when Ray heard her. He scooped her up and tucked her into bed with us. We cuddled and hugged for a bit, listening to Gia cooing in her crib. Not a bad way to start your day. We continue to offer food to Mya, but nothing seems to interest her. We will keep trying, but thank goodness for her feeding tube. Without that, I don't think she would be doing well at all. We've given dates to Make A Wish and are waiting for them to confirm (Jan.30-Feb.3). Maybe today will be the day that Mya finishes opening all the gifts, cards, & packages that have been sent to her. To everyone who has, thank you so much for taking the time & effort. It really helps her attitude & distracts her from feeling crummy(which is a lot of the time).

Maybe tomorrow she will want some cereal or strawberries? (Loves those usually). Fingers crossed everyone! Oh yeah... Go Pats!