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Results & moving forward

posted Feb 13, 2014, 9:39 AM by FightingFor Mya

At Dana Farber this morning, we met with Dr. Chu & Dr. Manley. They said that the radiation sessions were a big success!!! We were shown the MRI. We could see that the mass at the back of Mya's head was quite large before the sessions. After, it was really small. The doctors said it really responded to the treatment. The new scan showed that the tumors on her spine have grown, but at a much slower pace than they expected. The doctors want to give the drug cocktail time to solidify in her system over the next few weeks. If Mya starts to exhibit symptoms like numbness & tingling in her legs & feet, then they want to talk about injecting chemo directly into her spine to fight the tumors there or even another set of radiation possibly. With another round of radiation, I expressed concern over how difficult it was for Mya. Dr. Manley said that the radiation shouldn't affect her so badly because it will be targeted at her spine. I'm still uncertain about that course of action, definitely need to discuss it more... But, we aren't at that crossroad yet.

The doctors said we could re-introduce physical therapy as well, to continue to strengthen Mya's legs and help with her balance. So, we will be giving them a call.

We brought Gia with us today. They were so happy to see her! Said she was getting to be so big. She should be, she is eating us out of house & home!!

We are still at Dana Farber, need to get Mya's Avastin. After the infusion, we are going to try to make it home. Really depends on the weather. We are prepared to stay over night in the city if it is really bad, but I'm hoping to make it back.

I've been talking to Mya about going to the movies, she has never been. I think we will go see the Disney movie, Frozen. She should really like it. She is more excited about getting popcorn than seeing the movie (she is DEFINITELY my kid!)

Stay safe out there everyone! Happy Valentines Day to you and yours!