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Rough day for everyone..

posted Jun 9, 2013, 12:51 PM by FightingFor Mya

Yesterday was a tough day all around for the Bedard family. Gia decided that she didn't really need sleep and took only brief catnaps (about 1/2 each and there were only 2!)all day yesterday. So, I got about 4 hours sleep in about 24 hours. Needless to say, I was a little rough yesterday! Today, we seem to be back on track (fingers crossed!). Here's to hoping that it was just an off day - everyone has one of those! :)

Mya and Ray had a tough time too. Mya started the really tough chemo drug yesterday at 4pm. She had her first bath at 6pm. Needless to say, no one enjoyed it. She kicked, screaming, and fought the entire time. Afterwards, she cried because all her toys had been taken away (Clifford, her Dora blanket, her computer). She will get them all back after Tuesday, but you try to explain THAT to a 4 year (almost, her birthday is on the 16th). If we do give her something to play with, it will have to be thrown out because it's too dangerous to have any of the chemical residue on it from the chemo. So, in order for her to keep her toys, she can't have her toys until Tuesday.

Mya will get a bath every 6 hours. So, at 6pm, then midnight, then 6am, then 6pm. She gets a chemo drug at 4pm, it runs for three hours, then another chemo drug for two hours, then hydration. All told, the medication cycle is 8 hours. So from 4pm to midnight. Every day until Tuesday. Ugh, we knew this one would be tough!

I sent a little surprise anniversary gift to the room on Friday because it was Ray and I's 5 year anniversay. Five years since we got married in Key West. My how the time flies! Ray was really surprised and impressed. I did it to give his day a boost.

Here's to hoping that the days go quickly during this tough stretch.